Looking for Discord mods + more

by fabio, 2019-04-01

First of all, I want to say thank you to everyone who joined our community within this first week. You have all played an important part in shaping what exactly 777 eSports will work towards becoming, because frankly, we still don't even know yet. That being said, we are super happy about how the launch went, and we're working hard to plan tournaments, streams, merchandise and pro teams. But first, we need some help in moderation!

As the community grows, we need active people with an understanding of what we do to help us out on a volunteer basis. It is important to us that our community is one with an all-welcoming and positive vibe. This means that any occasion of harassment, trolling and other nonsense will simply not be tolerated.

We are looking for people who are..

  • 18 years or older
  • Have the ability to ensure our simple rules are carried out while not restricting the chats, maintaining an open and inviting chat environment. Remember, this is not a role of authority, it is simply a role we give to people so we can assure that if something does happen, somebody who is already a regular and trusted member of the community can deal with it.
  • Proficient in English, both in writing and speaking.
  • General knowledge about the activities of 777, our artists, and our YouTube channel.
  • Generally interested in games and/or esports.
  • Positive and active members of the community. This part is based on what the current staff team can see in the Discord community. If you’re online daily and have a history of being easy to get along with, you should be all good on this.

Are you interested in the role - and feel like you are a good fit? Then we would love to hear from you.

Things you must include in your application:

  • Your Discord tag
  • Short introduction: Who are you? What do you do (study/work/other)?
  • Based on the criteria above, why do you feel like you are a good fit for the role?
  • Any previous experience moderating/being staff member of a community/workplace/other that would be similar to this project. Other Discord servers count.

Send an email to [email protected] with subject “Discord moderator application” including the content as requested above.

Sidenote: If you have any additional skill sets that you feel you could use to help 777 eSports forward, feel free to include this (e.g. you are a good tournament organizer or graphical designer).



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