First roster reveal!

by fabio, 2019-05-14

Though our first group of representatives don't have much experience entertaining from the competitive esports stage, they are used to entertaining on a different kind of stage. Axel, Pish, Mato, Adeo and Per are all musicians hailing out of Norway. Although they spend most of their time in studios and on tour, they always get the frequent good sessions of League of Legends in. Going forward, they will be representing 777 eSports in tournaments and training sessions on their stream. Read a little more about the group below:

yung pokedex (Per)
Per is full time idiot and Norwegian rap phenomenon Kjartan Lauritzen. He is at his sweatiest when he is either playing games in his apartment or towards the end of his hour-long rap set on some stage at a festival on the Norwegian countryside.

Hippdogg94 (Mato)
Mato is a rapper and songwriter from Bergen, Norway. His voice is smooth as silk and so is his League of Legends gameplay. 

Dragonbreeze (Pish)
Pish is a singer/songwriter, indie rock star and a passionate gamer. Pish is merciless in-game, but can be a shining light of positivity when the team goes through dark times.

Wild Nature (Axe)
Axe is the lead singer of indie-rock veteran band Kakkmaddafakka. He has a dog named Alfred, a personal stream manager called Jørgen and is by far the lowest ranked player on the team. He is also the brother of Pish.

danic (Adeo)
Adeo is undoubtedly responsible for carrying the team tactically and sometimes emotionally. He is a caring father, an experienced Nordicmafia Godfather and the dedicated hypeman of Kjartan Lauritzen on stage.


Wish our new streamteam welcome!

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