Become a game director

by fabio, 2019-04-06

We are taking steps towards something that looks more like an esports organisation than just a community by creating organised teams in a range of games. To decide which games we will do this for, we want to hear what experience and skills our community holds in the different esports. A select group of "experts" who are passionate about the game they play and are eager to build this esports club with us will be selected as 777 Game Directors.

To apply, click HERE.

A 777 game director is expected to..

- have an in-depth understanding of the game he/she is director for, its strategy, history and current situation as an esport.
- have an overview of accessible tournaments, sign-up deadline times, requirements, et cetera.
- be a person of _initiative_. Let Fabio know what sort of tournaments we could host or participate in, what other teams are doing and how we can do it better.
- have an overview of who in the community is engaged in the given game, and help the community with ideas of how to enjoy the game together through tournaments, events or other activities bringing the community together.
- scout for potential players, coaches and content creators who can represent 777 eSports in the given game.

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