Photo: Michael Ray Angeles (@akam1k3)

About 777

777 is a creative family first launched in Bergen, Norway. Today our activities cover the globe through the music discovery channel 777tv on YouTube, the independent record label 777 MUSIC (boy pablo, stenersen, ++) and now, 777 eSports, an esports club focusing on bringing people together through competitive gaming in an all-welcoming online community.

777 eSports first launched in March 2019 and is the world’s first record label run esports organization. Our members are engaged in a variety of multiplayer games on different platforms.

We aspire to combine our passion for music and gaming culture, and we want you to be a part of that process. Take your place on our Instagram, Youtube, our Discord server, and through our live events. Any suggestions and ideas are taken seriously by our team, so feel free to reach out if you want to contribute to the project.

Other than that, we simply just want everyone to have a good time.

Thank you!

Founder, 777

Photo: Michael Ray Angeles (@akam1k3)